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Which Gemstone Should I Wear For Good Health?

A gemstone or gem is also recognized as a precious stone or semi-precious stone which is a piece of mineral, which is cut and polished to make jewelry or other adornments.
Which Gemstone Should I Wear For Good Health
The gemstone also may include certain rocks, such as “lapis” and “Lazuli”. Other organic materials which are not minerals such as “amber” and “jet” are also considered as a gemstone.

Most of the gemstones are hard, but some gemstone that is soft minerals are used in jewelry because of its brightness and other physical properties.

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic healers and astrologers across India and Tibet have prescribed specific gemstones to be worn close to the skin, to treat diseases of chronic infection, and the improvement of certain cosmic vibrations.

Researchers have studied the healing properties of gems and found that different stones create different effects on the human body. The color or the vibration of the gems affect the human body.

They absorb and reflect (as a filter) planetary rays or vibrations. Therefore, gems relate to specific energy waves. It has also been studied that each planet’s gems have different wavelengths.

Each gem has specific vibrational qualities that can be used to change and influence the brain waves according to body type. It also affects cellular vibrations in the body, necessary for the healthy functioning of all major organs and glands.

They are generally used to treat various ailments such as pain, anxiety, depression, obesity, and various neurological imbalances associated with hormonal problems.

Benefits of Wearing (Gemstones)Navaratna

According to Ayurveda, nine or “navratanas gems” are of importance as particularly affect the mind and increase the mental powers of an individual.

Mainly gems have been used therapeutically for centuries to strengthen the heart and brain as a general body tonic and to increase vitality and vigor.

1. Blue Sapphire (Nilam)

This gem is chemically formed from aluminum and oxygen and is a stone blue, bright, transparent, and clear. This gem is hot in nature, and therefore, it is used in reviving the fire gastric disorder like anorexia.

This gem is also useful in brain diseases such as mental tension, depression, epilepsy, etc… It is speculated to bring joyfulness and satisfaction to the heart and boost the powers of the brain.

2. Diamond (Hira)

This is the gem built up of pure carbon-containing diamonds and is white and transparent, very bright, and appears as a hexagonal or octagonal stone. As medicine in Ayurveda, refined ash produced from this gem is recommended to be taken in doses of 3-8 mg under medical supervision.

The diamond is immensely valuable and beautiful and is known to be the hardest stone on earth. The gem’s pure rays reflected rainbow colors. Diamond when taken with milk, honey, or butter, acts as an aphrodisiac and provides energy.

It is used in a number of diseases, due to its properties of abating all aggravated doshas in the body. In addition, this gem is believed to act as “Amrit” or nectar, providing satisfaction and also cures chronic diseases.

3. Emerald (Panna)

This is the emerald, a green gemstone, transparent and brilliant. It has proven useful in vomiting, fever, hemorrhoids, anemia, poisoning of the body system, and also in liver disorders.

4. Hessonite Garnet (Gomedak)

This is also called cinnamon stone or agate. As its name suggests, “go” means cow, and “med” means fats. The color of this stone resembles the fat of the cow and hence it is given this name. This light yellow stone is used more in skin-related diseases and to enhance your complexion.

5. Pearl (Moti)

This is popularly known as the natural pearl. This gem is white and bright and is acquired from the oyster in the sea or ocean.

It contains the best form of calcium. Pearl or the so-called “Moti Ratna” is believed to create stability between body aggravated doshas such as Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha.

Pearl is cold in nature and is believed to be best for eyesight. The Anti-toxic properties of pearl help’s to reduce the excessive heat of the body. This gem is especially useful in various ailments such as mental fatigue, quiver insomnia, and lasting fevers of mixed origin.

6. Ruby (Manik)

This is the ruby gem that has a color of a lotus flower and bright red and shines as the pomegranate seeds. Chemically it is a combination of oxygen and aluminum.

In Ayurveda it has been used in therapy as a tonic for the heart, to increase memory, and as an aphrodisiac. In Ayurveda, this gem is used in preparations for the treatment of brain diseases such as epilepsy, psychosis, depression, and anxiety.

7. Red Coral (Lal munga)

These are the red coral beads that are formed at the base of the sea by a specific type of worm called polyps Anthazoan. It is reddish in color and looks like a rose flower round and shiny.

Red coral is used in a number of diseases, including vomiting, asthma, and heart disease, and brain. It also consists of a number of anti-toxic properties, that are effective in curing fevers with both chronic and acute.

8. Cat’s eye (Lehsunia)

This stone is bluish with a white central stripe, like the cat’s eye. In Ayurveda therapy, this gem is used for the treatment of diseases of the heart, brain, and body. Additionally, this gem is believed to provide resistance and is recommended in diseases such as anemia and loss of hunger.

9. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

This gem is also known as topaz it is a gem of cream, white or pale yellow, and is square in shape and slightly transparent.

It has been used as therapeutic doses, for various skins related to infection’s digestive problems, and ailments of the blood from the body such as piles and nosebleeds.

Apart from these nine Ratanas, there are many ratanas used for therapeutic purposes during the unavailability of these ratanas.

They are comparatively less beautiful, less costly, and less effective. In ancient Vedic texts, like the Brihat Samhita, the power source and the healing of various gems are discussed.

People may use instead stones of substitution of more expensive gems. Citrine or yellow topaz can be replaced by yellow sapphire.

Green tourmaline or peridot can replace by emerald. Red garnet can replace ruby and moonstone can replace by pearl jade.

Before purchasing a fine diamond weighing one carat or stones, geather some specific information.

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