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What is the Importance of Oil-Free Moisturizer In Skincare?

It can be a nightmare for people with oily skin to coat a layer of thick moisturizer to their unusual oily barrier. But, thanks to the discovery of best beard growth oil, oily skin can breathe in peace. Yes, they are the best products for oily skin. If you haven’t tried them yet, this blog will guide you on how you may find the best moisturizer as per your skin type.

Contrary to what people think, oily textured skin needs hydration too. You can never count those skin troubles on your fingertips from clogged pores to frequent breakouts and pimples. With so much to endure and surpass, skincare goals for acne-prone skin become tedious. 

If your skincare ride is heading nowhere due to the sudden breakouts and frequent pimples, there is a great chance you have oily skin texture which needs attention. Read on to know why your oily texture craves oil-free moisturizer and how it works. 

Why Does Oily Skin Need Assistance With Oil-Free Moisturizers? 

People with impaired skin barriers search for intense moisture and thus, go for higher contents of lipids, fatty acids, plant oils, petroleum, or mineral oils. These ingredients are well-known for repairing skin cells, compensating for water loss in the skin, and restoring moisture content. 

While rich moisturizers are better to pick for dehydrated and inflamed skin, they can cause an immediate effect on oily skin texture. In addition, they also reduce fine lines and pigmentation. In such cases, using an oil-free moisturizer is advised. 

Ideally, these moisturizers work on water loss in the skin and retain the hydration level. Thus, if you have been skipping moisturizers, thinking it may inflame your troubles, give your skin relief with this range of moisturizers. 

How Do Oil-Free Moisturizers Pamper Oily Skin?

Oil-free moisturizer is lightweight, non-sticky, and gentle on problematic epidermis. They are designed to hydrate from within, endowing with a perfect amount of hydration on the outer surface.

It is generally formulated with a science-backed technique. It involves hydrating non-sticky ingredients to go well on the targeted skin conditions. We recommend opting for non-comedogenic and paraben-free moisturizers as they can adversely affect skin health.

How Does An Oil-Free Moisturizer Work? 

Oils are never a friend to pimple-prone skin. On the contrary, the oilier your skin is, the higher the chances your skin attracts breakouts. Here’s how oil free moisturizer works: 

  • Emollients: Emollients are much lighter than oils and, thus, a great choice for moisturizers for oily skin. It doesn’t clog your pores or create any greasy mess on your skin texture. 
  • Humectants: Your skin only lacks water and not oil for sure. Humectants are the elements that draw enough water from the environment and help your skin remain hydrated for long hours. 

3 Recommended Products For Your Acne-Prone Skin

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar is the most effective ingredient that regulates the skin’s sebum production. When infused in a moisturizer with other nourishing ingredients, it works like magic, giving the skin a lightweight feel all day. We recommend Mamaearth Apple Cider Vinegar Oil Free Moisturizer among all the apple cider moisturizers. 

To begin with, it is free from toxins and harmful chemicals like Silicones, Parabens, artificial preservatives, SLS, etc. In addition, it holds the potency of some avant-garde ingredients such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Cetearyl Octanoate, Fatty Acids, Betaine, etc. 

While Cetearyl Octanoate and Apple Cider Vinegar regulate the excessive oil and pH of the skin, Betaine tones the skin and makes it firmer, and Fatty Acids moisturize the skin without being oily. So, it is the right pick for you if your search has been inconclusive!

  1. Vitamin C Moisturizer 

Talking about Mamaearth beauty products, the Vitamin C range is something that pops out brightly. Amalgamating the ingredients like Vitamin E, Gotu Kola Extract, Vitamin E, and Turmeric Extract, this oil-free moisturizer range is receiving a lot of praise from the audience. 

In the composition, Gotu Kola Extract and Turmeric Extract impart natural radiance by correcting fine lines, dark spots, and pigmentation. On the other hand, Vitamin C brightens the skin texture by entering into the deeper layer of skin cells. In addition, its non-sticky formula keeps the skin moisturized and plump up for long hours. So, trust the goodness that Vitamin C offers with this amazing range! 

  1. Tea Tree Moisturizer 

If your concerns range from spotless texture to shiny skin, Mamaearth’s Tea Tree Oil-Free Moisturizer is your pick. It assimilates the goodness of Tea Tree, Black Oats Extract, Vitamin E, and Salicylic Acid, all of which help skin revive its natural moisture. As a result, it effectively fights pimples, acts on pigmented areas, and confers skin with 24-hour long hydration. 

It counters acne-causing bacteria and relieves clogged pores and frequent breakouts. So, bring home the goodness of Tea Tree and apply this moisturizer daily to have fresh-looking skin! 

Note: If you are looking for a smart solution for your skin’s dark spots, you can try Mamaearth Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Concluding Words 

Moisturizers have become a big thing in skincare, considering their long-term effects on the skin. It is designed to soothe troubled skin, hydrate it well, and grant a healthy- and fresh-looking skin. However, skin-pampering isn’t a rocky road to run on but is a self-caring process where you put in efforts to make your skin healthier and shinier. So, take effective products home and do not skip moisturizers. 

Today, we browsed Mamaearth’s beauty range, which is filled with an effective range of anti-pigmentation creams, anti-aging creams, skin-loving serums, night creams, and many more. Their products are toxin-free, and their purpose is nature-positive, something we, the informed citizens, relate to. But, above all, the products are designed with traditional, innovative, and effective ingredients, aiming to give radiant and flawless texture. 

We hope you have taken the much-needed cue from the above-stated information and have decided to do some skin pampering practices.

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