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Types of Acne Scars | Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Pimple Marks

What Is Acne ? Acne or so-called acne vulgaris and common acne are not a disease, there are many problems that cause acne.
Ayurvedic Medicine For Acne Scars - How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars
Acne is not just a problem for teenagers, but can affect persons between the ages of 10 to 40 also. It is not strange for all women particularly. The acne can develop in their mid to late 20, even if they have been discharges in years if ever been.

On the explicit side, the persons that have acne into their 40s possibly will well grow out of it sooner. Acne is very common in teens. It generally gets better later the teen years.

Several women who never had acne growing up will may have it as an adult, generally right before their menstrual periods.Acne, or acne vulgaris, is a skin problem that begins when oil and dead skin cells block up your pores.

Several people call it blackheads, blemishes, whiteheads, pimples, or zits. Whenever you have only a few red spots, or pimples, you have a moderate form of acne.

Serious acne can mean hundreds of pimples that can cover the face, neck, chest, and back. Alternatively, it can be bigger, solid, red lumps that are painful vesicles.

Different Types Of Acne Scars

There are distinctive acne scars that develop due to several reasons, but the most common ones are the following:

1.Rosacea Acne

This situation is identified by pimples in the middle third of the face, with redness, flushing, and external blood vessels.

It normally affects persons in their 30 and 40 years of age and older. Sometimes, there is no “clear line” separating acne rosacea. However, there is no blackheads or whiteheads in rosacea.

2.Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Acne

This is occasionally called “razor bumps” or “razor rash.” When cut close to the skin, hair curled double neck of the skin and cause grain.

This is a mechanical problem and not a bacterium, and the healing consists of shaving less (growing a beard, laser hair removal.) Pseudo folliculitis can also occur in patients who also have acne.

3.Folliculitis Acne

Pimples can happen in different parts of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks or legs. These represent the follicles of acne, but do not con flagrant.

If they do not go away on their own, doctors may prescribe oral antibiotics or external, usually are different used for acne.

4.Gram-Negative Folliculitis Acne

Some patients have got been treated with oral antibiotic drugs for prolonged periods develop pustules filled with bacteria immune to antibiotics that have been formerly used.

Bacterial culture tests can recognize these germs, which induces the doctor to advise different antibiotics or other forms of treatment.

5.Boxcar Scars Acne

Boxcar spots are close to the marks left after chicken pox. These oval-shaped scars are more visible on the cheeks as the cuticle gets affected the most. It takes place due to pressing and scratching the acne.

6.Ice Pick Scars Acne

A common happening of these scars is deep potholes left on the skin. Ice Pick Scars take place in sensitive skins whenever exposed to pollution.

It technically recognized as ‘depressed fibrotic scar’, it can be efficiently and cheaply cured with herbal therapies. Laser’s surgery is also an option.

7.Hypertrophic Scars Acne

These scars develop on the skin as red discharges and are closely connected with the happening of acne. Hypertrophic scars do not leave blemishes on the skin.

They occur due to tissue overgrowth in particular areas. A proper skin care routine, involving periodical scrub makes them lighter.

8.Rolling Scars Acne

These scars are left on the skin due to extreme abrasion on the cuticle that slowly harms the softer inner cells in the skin.

Broad and shallow in look, these scars cause permanent damage to the skin and cannot be shed through laser treatments.

Dermatologists often use the submission as an alternative for polishing the skin so that the scars appear lighter. This kind of marking is generally difficult to remove.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Acne Scars

Scars are uncomfortable occasionally people start feeling low self-esteem, shame in mixing with others, lose confidence, and even become annoying.

Given below are a number of the simplest and capable home remedies in order to get rid of these embarrassing marks.

1.Papaya Mask

A papaya paste is generally used to treat acne vulgaris in Ayurvedic practice. A ripe papaya is crushed and blended with a small amount of water.

Apply the resulting paste to the face and let to dry for about 20 minutes. Next, wash the face with clean water and rub dry with a rough cloth or towel.

Follow this method by gently massage with coconut or sesame oil into the skin. You can repeat this technique daily for about a week to help to decrease the look of pimples.

2.Sandalwood & Turmeric Mask

Moreover, known as sandalwood, chandana is believed to help to purify the blood and decrease eruptions of acne.

Chandana powder is often used by Indian youths. You can formulate an acne cure paste by mixing turmeric paste with chandana powder at 1:5 ratio.

Turmeric is generally used as an antiseptic, while chandana is recognized for its cooling advantages. Mix the ingredients and add just enough water to prepare a thick but bendable paste.

Apply the paste to the skin and let it to remain for about 10 minutes. You can then wash it off. You can do this at one time in the morning and repeat in the evening before bed.

3.Almond Paste For Mask

Buy some chick pea flour from your local health-food store and mix about 1 tsp of the paste with just enough water to make a thin paste.

Rinse off and next let dry. You can also prepare a paste for deep cleaning by blending roughly 1 tsp of almond power with 1 c of goat’s milk.

Apply and massage this thin paste to your face and then let it to stay for several minutes, and Rinse.

4.Fenugreek Face Wash

Fenugreek or methi seeds are effective in treating miscellaneous diseases. Even for dealing with acne scars, pimples, dryness, etc., fenugreek seeds are rather effective.

Make ready a solution by including 1-2 tablespoon of methi seeds in a 750-1000 ml of water. Let it to boil for 5-7 minutes. Let the mixture to cool, and wash your face and different affected areas.

One can see great rectification within a week. Do this at least once in a week even after scars and other marks are removed? This is one of the finest home cures for scars.

5.Fuller’s Earth -Multan Mitti

Fuller’s earth pack is also very good for restoring burnt skin or other old scars. Make ready a paste of Multan mitti and lemon juice, by taking two teaspoons of each.

Add a little amount of water to it. One can also add rosewater in place of water. Apply this paste over the affected area and let it to dry for 10-15 minutes.

Wash the skin using cold water. Apply this paste 1-2 times a day, until the scar not discarded completely. One of the useful home’s remedies for scars.

What works for one person may not work for another. What is an suitable cure for one person may not clear other’s acne? Do not get irritable! Get medical medication if your situation gets worse.




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