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Things to remember before Asanas & Pranayamas


Yoga Practice

Yoga is an excellent way of managing mind, body & soul. Compared with many other forms of physical exercises, yoga asanas have certain distinct advantages.  Asana means “seat” or “posture.” The yoga asana or yoga postures are one type process of exercises and bring fitness, which differentiates them from many other types of exercises. Before you are going to start any yoga asana or yoga posture, you should check-up health with your doctor or consult your trainer. After that you can start practicing in your home. Some of the basic things you should remember before starting yoga are

  • Yoga & Asanas are to be done in empty stomach in the morning preferably and if done in other time to be done after 3-4 hour proper digestion of food.
  • Take rest of half an hour after doing yoga before going to meal.
  • Do yoga practice in same time each day for 20 min to 90 minutes.
  • Better to be Vegetarian for practicing yoga and have satwic diet.
  • Wear thin and light dress that is flexible for yoga postures.
  • it is better to practice this kind of exercise on the bare floor if you can, but it is still allowable to practice yoga exercise on a carpet or on a mat.
  • The benefits obtained from practice of pranayam and asana in open air increases as oxygen is obtained in more quantity in ventilated room or outside house.
  • Do yoga after morning daily routine and put off your glass while doing yoga.
  • Women during menstrual period not recommended to do asanas, are allowed to do meditation only.
  • Duration of each yoga posture is minimum 15 seconds. You can increase duration up to 3 minutes.
  • Head and back is to be in straight position. Lowering head is not recommended for hypertension & heart disease patients.
  • Each asanas is to be done flexible. It is not good to forceful postures.
  • People with chronic disease, recent injury, illness, surgery, high blood pressure, heart problems or osteoporosis are recommended to consult yoga experts or physician before doing yoga.
  • People expecting benefits from yoga are requested to do yoga for 3-7 months daily.
  • People with high blood pressure, heart, lungs disease, insomnia, low memory should not stop breathe during pranayam.

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