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Kshar Sutra – Surgery in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the ancient medicine has remedy for almost all kinds of diseases and disorders. Following Ayurvedic medicine not just helps to relieve from health ailments but also enables us to maintain good health with no traces of diseases.

Even in the modern world, the 5000 years old Ayurvedic medicine remains a king of medicines, as it addresses many diseases that are unable to cure by modern medicines and treatments. Combination of nature and ancient medical expertise, Ayurveda helps people to manage their degenerative disorders effortlessly.

Surgical procedures are now a common part of modern medications. Can you imagine that the ancient medicine also had surgical procedures to treat a few diseases? Yes, surgery has its existence in Ayurveda before 5000 years and it is not a new technique at all. The relatively old method of treatment has been developed with technology and advancements in the medical field.

It was highlighted by the Sushruta, the Father of Surgery, where this ancient sage mentioned the treatment of anal fistula, sinus and a small tumor with surgery.

Kshara Sutra

Surgical procedure in Ayurveda is called, Kshara Sutra. It is described by the Ayurvedic experts of ancient ages like Sushruta and Vagbhatta.

The term Kshara sutra refers to medicated thread made with the blend of a special soft linen thread and Ayurvedic herbs and drugs. Preparation of this thread isn’t an easy job and it will take a few weeks to prepare it to perfection.

Kshara sutra, the Ayurvedic surgery was used mainly to treat anal fistula and sinusitis. Also, this surgical procedure was provided to treat other anorectal diseases.

Although it is referred as surgical procedure, it is a minimalistic and non-invasive procedure, but done with extreme care.

The surgical procedure involves threading of the special medicated line in the fistulous track, ligation of and piles. So, the surgery is generally performed providing a local anesthesia to the patients. Even in the olden days, patients are provided anesthesia. The medicated thread with drugs treats the diseases and heals the body.

Other indications that can be treated by Kshara sutra include the following:

  • Hemorroids
  • All types of sinuses
  • Varying degree of piles
  • Wounds and especially non-healing wounds
  • Milk fistula
  • Genital warts
Ayurvedic surgery

Ksharsutra therapy


Benefits of Kshara Sutra over other surgical procedures

Until now, treating piles and anal fistula is considered a most challenging and sometimes an awkward condition!  Ayurveda offers higher cure rate for many anal diseases that cannot have proper treatment in other treatments.

Kshara sutra not just cures the disease, but also cleanses the internal organs associated with the disease, which aids in proper functioning of the organs.

  • The surgical procedure is minimally invasive and the patients can continue with their regular routines.
  • Performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, where the effects of anesthesia stays only for a short time.
  • It reduces the expenses on hospital stay.
  • Complete healing
  • Effective treatment at a relatively lower price
  • Complete cure to the challenging anal diseases
  • Added benefits to overall health
  • No drugs and no side effects

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