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It’s Treatment Procedure, Benefits & Side effects

The Pizhichil massage is also known by the name of ” treatment of kings ” thanks to the great popularity it gained among the Maharajas of ancient India. Pizhichil: It's Treatment Procedure, Benefits & Side effects

The pizhichil friction massage therapy is truly a delight for the mind and body. It consists of soaking a cloth in medicinal oil and letting it drip slowly onto the body, or achieving the same effect with special hoses while applying the massage.

Four people are usually required to do this: two who dip and wring clothes, or who hold hoses, and two who rub, knead, rub, and pat.

It is basically designed for people with a Vata constitution, for people with muscular problems, rheumatism, and arthritis; and for people with psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, etc.

To carry out this massage, about twenty liters of warm herbal Ayurvedic oil whose typology corresponds to the constitution of the patient and some cotton cloths or a pair of hoses are needed. The droni massage table is essential in this therapy so that all excess oil is collected.

The people most likely to need this type of treatment are those who have a Vata constitution. Discover all the properties of the Ayurvedic massage Pizhichil therapy and see what benefits it can bring you?

Pizhichil Ayurveda Treatment Benefits

In addition to balancing a high vata, the pizhichil massage provides an absolute improvement in the skin since, from the first application, it rejuvenates and tones it.

However, for the effects of this massage to be spectacular, it is recommended to undergo about ten sessions. Another of the benefits of pizhichil is the elimination of toxins since the heat given off by the oil mobilizes them so that they can be expelled.

Patient preparation

For the specific application of oil in the pizhichil massage, it is convenient for the patient to undress, although if you wish you can cover the areas that give more modesty with a towel.

Before each session, an Ayurvedic medical examination will be carried out; the first, to know the constitution of the body and the mind and the following ones, to verify the improvements or verify any detail that may be relevant.

Preparation of the room

Follow the same procedure as in basic Ayurvedic massage.


Pizhichil procedure, This treatment usually has a long duration of between two and three hours. Many times two or more masseurs will find themselves performing the pizhichil massage routine synchronously on the patient.

Thus, the patient will sit on the droni with his legs extended and the masseurs will stand on his sides. Both masseurs work with cloths that they immerse in a bowl of warm oil.

Drain their oil first from the shoulders to the hands. After the jet of oil, the freehand follows, and with this dragging movement the body is massaged. You can also apply the oil with fine hoses that automatically add oil.

How the massage is done?

After repeating the same movement on the upper extremities of the body several times, the patient lies down and receives the same type of massage on the legs, from the thighs to the feet.

The back area can be massaged well with the patient lying on their stomach, or sitting as before. In addition to the sitting, prone and supine positions, the patient is also placed on his side to receive a side massage from a more suitable position.

As a lot of oil has been used during the massage, after a break of about fifteen minutes the excesses are removed either with paper or with powders (as explained in the general abhyanga massage ).

Then the patient is invited to a warm bath or shower, taking the maximum precautions so that there are no slips. It is important that after the massage the patient is not exposed to low temperatures or drafts.


Massage without medicated oil is contraindicated in cases of very aggravated doshas or with very high Ama or toxicity.

It is also contraindicated for people allergic to the components of the specific oil, sick skin, women with periods or pregnant women, people with thrombosis, and after a large meal.

Side effects

This massage can cause drowsiness given the degree of relaxation that is achieved. However, after a warm bath or shower, the body wakes up and feels the revitalization and detoxification it has undergone.

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