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Ipsum Skin Care Review | British Beauty Blogger

[unpaid/sample] I’ve previously raved about Australian brand Ipsum’s delightful lip balm which sits in the luxury category and boy, does it feel like it too. It’s deliciously melty and super nourishing. I’ve finally got to testing some of the other products and other than the price, can only rave about it really. I think literally all skin care should be £10 less than it actually is – I can’t really understand how the pricing is sustainable but there we are – it’s not just Ipsum who I can see are competing with like brands (possibly REN and Balance Me type categories) and coming in at around the same.

Ipsum Skin Care

I was a bit concerned about the lemon myrtle and sandalwood fragrance – lemony scents can quite quickly go ‘cleaning product’ but happy to say in this case, you get almost a flash of lemon and then it calms right down to something more earthy and actually quite soothing.

Ipsum Skin Care

It’s got a beautiful ingredient list, which isn’t something I say often, which you can see HERE. The consistency has enough ‘grip’ to properly take off make up and leave skin clean and supple.

Ipsum Skin Care

If you can choose only one thing, make it this! The Ipsum Best Skin Enzyme Micro Polish is a mix of rice powder and caviar lime to give AHA action (it’s also got a high concentrate of phytocompounds including ferulic acid and vitamins C and E).

Ipsum Skin Care

The physical action is gentle but AHA and BHA powers it right up to be probably one of the best skin smoothing experiences you can have. As I said, rave! You can use the powder with a dash of water to make a paste or you can add it to any cleansing balm.

Ipsum Skin Care

Much as I love a skin mist, they’d be last on my list of ‘essentials’. However, I did like this one very much, not least because the fragrance reminded me a little bit of gin and tonic – no idea why! If you’re into the idea of a skin ritual, finishing with the mist is to be very much recommended. It’s got hyaluronic and raspberry seed oil as key ingredients so you won’t experience any drying at all. If it wasn’t pouring with rain, I’d suggest keeping it in the fridge, but asking you to soak your face in cold mist while tackling frizz and wearing a jumper feels wrong :-)). However, on a hot day, what a joy. Price wise, the mist is £32, the balm is £35 and the micro polish is £36. You can find everything HERE.


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