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How To Stay Cool In Summer With Lassi? Lassi Benefits In Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Herbal Lassi is special milk containing butter along with Indian herbs that have variety of valuable medicinal properties which are safe and useful for maintaining good health for long life.
How To Stay Cool In Summer With Lassi Lassi Benefits Ayurveda
The herbal used in lassi is very refreshing and you will enjoy in summer time. As lassi has very good nutritional value it is considered to be even better than milk. The lassi with a dose of Indian herbal ingredients are helpful to cure many health problems

Before making the body sick generally in summer. This drink is very beneficial in protecting the heart and brain by maintaining circulation and blood pressure. Beside this there are many ayurvedic remedies for summer heat that can help to keep cool.

The Herbs that are consumed daily through butter milk are well known to all Indian and is used by Indian in one way or other in daily life. The special lassi is generally made of herbs and other ingredients such as 1. Honey, 2.  Ginger,3, garlic, and  4.black pepper.

Ayurvedic View On Lassi

According to Ayurvedic texts, uses of lassi and its various forms have been prepared for centuries. A special version of lassi with ingredients like honey is also used in some Hindu rituals.

Lassi Is compared as amrit “Nectar of the Goddess” and buttermilk for humans due to its immense therapeutic and nutritional value.

Lassi is well define in chapter “Acharya Sushruta” in which it is written that it is a compound made of curd and water. It is stirred so as to have butter and cream completely skimmed off.

It should be neither too thick nor too thin beside this there are other two varieties of lassi that are mentioned in Ayurveda.

One is called “ghola” that is simply done by stirring the curd without water. The second one is known as “mathita” or “maththa” in which the curd is mixed with a little water and stirred.

Lassi is an assortment of three flavors like sweet, bitter and astringent. It have an sweet post-digestive effect and slightly hot in power with its lightweight and smooth effect.

Lassi controls the vitiation of the three “doshas” and is freshening, nutritious and appetizing in nature. It is a remedy widely used for diarrhea, hemorrhoids, jaundice, dysentery and nonspecific chronic colitis.

It is also used for the conditions involving dysfunctions of the liver and spleen. Lassi is also used in some of the procedures in “Panchkarma“.

Benefits Of Ingredients Used In Lassi

The ingredients used in making lassi have many health benefits below are some of it.

Health benefits of Honey:

  1. It is includes all vitamins like A,C,D,E and K with rich in B-complex.
  2. It is very useful to recover from alcohol intoxication and also protects liver.
  3. Its rich in iron and minerals composition hence enhances hemoglobin.
  4. It contains maltose,fructose, sucrose and glucose.
  5. It have good amount of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  6. It reduces inflammation in body and also stimulates in wound healing.
  7. It is very useful in conditions like bronchitis and asthmatic.
  8. It improve and raises the levels of anti oxidants in the blood.
  9. It is very helpful in treatment like arthritis, flu and diabetes.
  10. It is a quick and natural energy booster.

Health benefits of Ginger:

  1. It is a well known remedy for gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhea.
  2. It is very effective in motion as well as  morning sickness.
  3. It fights off and alleviates the symptoms of colds and flu
  4. It contains properties of boosting immunity.
  5. It prevent platelet aggregation and blood clotting.
  6. It is best home remedy for digestive problems.
  7. It is an antitoxin for certain types of food poisoning.
  8. It contains phosphorus,magnesium and calcium.
  9. It have good amount of  antioxidants properties.
  10. It is well-known home remedy for high blood pressure.

 Health benefits of Garlic:

  1. It promotes better circulation of blood through the heart.
  2. It is a powerful disinfectant and kills germs resistant.
  3. It is rich in Vitamin A,B, and C
  4. It promotes energy and body’s strength.
  5. It has the power-toxic and improves liver function.
  6. It helps to cure common ailments like cold and upset stomachs.
  7. It helps to prevent stomach cancer.
  8. It can improve condition of paralysis and leucorrhea.
  9. It lowers cholesterol as well as triglycerides.
  10. It improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Health benefits of Black pepper:

  1. It helps expand blood vessels and enhances blood circulation.
  2. It improves the performance of muscle tissues.
  3. It stimulates and strengthens the mind and nerves.
  4. It improve the quality flow of oxygen to brain.
  5. It helps to maintain health of respiratory system.
  6. It is best medicine for toothache and paralysis.
  7. It stimulates appetite and enhances digestion.
  8. It is a good detoxifier and anti-aging herb.
  9. It is very useful to treat bronchial complaints.
  10. It helps to maintain the health of joints.

How To Prepare Herbal Lassi

  1. Take 1 big glass of butter milk.
  2. One spoon of honey.
  3. One spoon of ginger garlic paste or dried ginger powder.
  4. Half a spoon of black pepper sugar or pepper powder.

Now mix well with all these ingredients with a spoon if required you may filter out the fiber. You can take this herb lassi daily in the morning before going out for a morning walk.

You can drink every day to enjoy good health for a long life. Remember good health is never a matter of luck, but it is always the result of well-disciplined life and healthy diet.

Benefits Of Drinking Herbal Lassi

1.Liver disease

In jaundice and alcoholic liver disease regular use of “takram” can immensely help the patient to regain normal appetite and digestion.

For faster relief, one can take one gm of herbs like Bhringraj liver protective, or kalmegh chiraita can be taken along with buttermilk.

2.Intestinal worms and piles

People suffering from first degree of hemorrhoids bleeding or bleeding nature symptomatic can obtain relief by using buttermilk.

Take one to two gm powder of “harar” twice a day with a glass of butter milk. To cure roundworm stubborn problem take one gm of seed powder of “vayvding” which are commonly available in store can be safely used for a couple of days.

3.Diarrhea and dysentery

Lassi have been used to cure gastrointestinal disorders since time immemorial. It helps both in acute and chronic conditions when the patient passes stools or semi-solid.

The mixture of half a teaspoon of dry ginger powder in a glass of buttermilk helps in digestive and carminative. Emaciated patients suffering from chronic can also take lassi preferably before noon.

The famous Ayurvedic medicine called “takrarishta” has main ingredients as butter milk is also useful in such conditions.

Caution: Lassi or so called Buttermilk must not be used during the exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis or in severe constipation and asthmatic conditions. After taking into account of the seasonal specifications and suitability person can go for best results to use additives suitable for them.

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