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How To – Skin Care Tips

The skin is our largest and most exposed organ. According to Ayurveda, it is related to touching and the element of air.
How To – Skin Care Tips – Ayurvedic Tips For Glowing Skin
In the search for beauty and health, the ancient sages of India (Rishis) knew that the skin was the reflection of the nutritional status of the individual, and when I say nutritional, I do not only refer to food, but also to emotions.

The harmony of our body and mind is reflected in this tissue; therefore, to guarantee your health the following general advice are essential.

1. Get perfect diet : A balanced diet adapted to the constitution, to the lifestyle and the season of the year. For example, some foods to nourish the skin according to the constitution are: Coconut oil for pitta, avocado for vata, leafy green vegetables for kapha and almonds for the 3 doshas.

2. Avoid unhealthy diet : Avoid toxic foods such as: chemically treated and genetically altered, processed, canned, frozen, rancid, fermented, fried and sweetened.

3. Use natural : Use natural cosmetic products, as they are those that are full of prana or vital energy. This is of utmost importance because for Ayurveda, the skin is like a great tongue that absorbs everything we place on it, passing these molecules directly into the bloodstream, to later be distributed in the body and participating in the renewal of tissues.

4. Sleep well : A restful sleep is very important for the recovery and detoxification of the skin, which occurs when we are resting. Establishing habits for a restful sleep is vital for renewal. Ayurveda recommends sleeping between 7-8 hours a day, with a general schedule to get up at 6 o’clock and go to bed at 10pm.

5. Get more hydration : Avoid dehydration, for Ayurveda, drinking water is closely related to the constitution, lifestyle and time of a year. For a radiant skin, warm water is ideal.

6. Have a positive attitude : Maintain a positive attitude towards situations and people who interact with us. For me, this is the most important thing of all, since negative emotions block the subtle energetic channels (nadis) of our organism, favoring the accumulation of toxins.

Since we are psychosomatic beings, and the mind is the root of all our diseases and imbalances, although it is difficult (because it is) we must focus on seeing each situation and each person as part of our spiritual growth, so the best we can do is, Accept, drop and thanks.

Caring for Your Ayurvedic Skin Type through food

The general rule in Ayurveda is self-knowledge, knowing what are the specific needs of our body. we can incorporate in it the right foods to ensure their health and longevity.

All food has a flavor (Rasa) that is what produces a sensation in the tongue, and has a potential hot or cold energy (Virya), which is related to the way in which food is prepared to be consumed. Ayurveda determines that the taste (Rasa) and energy (Virya) of food for each type of person are directly related to their action on the doshas.

It is important to note that daily food should always be richer in the flavors that balance a certain type of skin, Ayurveda recommends that all foods have to contain the six flavors in some proportion, and these should go in harmony with the season of the year, regardless of the type of skin.

  • Vata – Dry Skin: To balance it will require flavors: salty, acid and sweet. Virya: hot and humid.
  • Pitta – Sensitive Skin (with a tendency to rosacea and acne): To balance it will require flavors: sweet, bitter and astringent. Virya: cold and wet.
  • Kapha– Oily skin: To balance it will require Flavors: spicy, bitter and astringent. Virya: hot and dry.

The principles of nutrition to preserve youth and beauty are universal: keep the colon clean and strong digestion. The unique theory of Ayurveda teaches us that in order to achieve this a diet compatible with its own constitution must be consumed.

Since the wrong foods (even if they are healthy) unbalance the doshas and this results in alteration of the metabolism ( agni ), which allows the accumulation of toxins (Ama).

If we improve our eating habits and promote our positive thoughts and emotions, it is possible to influence our neurophysiology, thus delaying the aging process and prolonging the beauty of the skin.

Ayurveda is a science that guides human beings towards their natural balance. Its objective is to achieve our integral well-being so that we can progressively move towards the self-realization of the Being.

Ayurveda through its tools, can seek the maintenance of health, the prevention of diseases and get longevity. This is why this millenary medicine has much to contribute in the field of beauty and rejuvenation.

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