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How to prepare home made shampoos?

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Herbal Shampoos

We can get many herbal shampoos in the market. If we are conscious we have to evaluate the basic ingredients of the shampoo. The basic herbs that are good for hair and  hair tonic property are Bhringaraj, Amla, Shikakai, Henna, Ritha, Zinger, Aloevera, Shatapuspa etc. for the problem of hair fall, early graying, dandruff problem these above mentioned herbs give the proven results. Commercial shampoos may or may not includes this but you can prepare shampoos in the home as below:

Egg Shampoo : Protein is essential for hair growth and strength. Egg are the source of protein so beat two eggs yolk in the glass of hot water.  Soak hair and scalp in this solution for an hour. After that you can wash your hair with warm water. It is very good simple remedies for maintaining your hair strength.

Herbal Shampoo:  Collect Amla, Ritha and Sikakai. Then add 100gram each of dried ritha and amla to one litre of water and soak for 24 hours. Also add sikakai in the solution. Boil it well and allow to cool. This give good lathering effect and act as a shampoo to bring silky smoothness and tonic effect to hair.

Soft Shampoo : Collect dried Olives and Shikakai leaves. Wash 150 gram each of dried Olives and shikakai leaves in cold water and soak overnight in an iron pot. The next day, it is tested for 15 minutes. The remaining pulp can be liquidize and can be used as paste to wash your hair for a soft, shiny and silky hair.


Patch Test:- Some times  in rare case these may cause you allergic effects. Before using any products, test by applying  little in the skin behind the ears and under arms and leave it. Check for any redness and  allergies after 24 hour. It is not recommended not to use if you has this symptoms.

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