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How To Deal With Stress To Lose Weight?

Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise that benefits the body and mind. Yoga comprises of a series of ‘asanas’ that help in much health Benefits.
Health Benefits of Yoga: Yoga Tips for Weight Loss & Stress Management

The benefits may range from losing weight, relaxing the mind, relieving stress, eliminating toxins from the body, and inducing quality sleep. There are innumerable benefits of yoga, and it can be said that there’s a solution to all health problems through yoga asanas.

Yoga comprises of a series of postures having different names derived from nature, combined with controlled breathing exercise techniques. Yoga classes of modern times are involved in teaching different meditating methods, breathing, and posing techniques to offer a way to better health.

Understanding the Facts about Yoga

Yoga establishes a connection between mind and body and is considered a complementary healing practice. It brings together mental and physical disciplines for achieving peace of mind and body, helping the body to manage anxiety and stress.

Yoga has several forms, intensities, and styles.

Hatha Yoga for Stress Management

One of the best forms of yoga for stress and anxiety management is called Hatha. It is the common yoga style, easier to practice, having less complicated movements and slow pace. There are two core components of this form of yoga – Poses and Breathing techniques.

Yoga postures or asanas are a series of movements meant to increase the overall flexibility and strength. Poses range from simply lying on a yoga mat relaxingly to some difficult asanas that require stretching the body to your limits.

Breathing techniques are an essential function of yoga. Your breath is the vital energy for your whole body, and yoga helps you to control your breathing pattern sand relax your mind.

Yoga and Weight Loss

Practicing yoga of any type can help in building strength. To lose weight, it is very important to eat healthy, while burning more calories by exercising. There are some forms of yoga that help in strengthening and toning muscles to improve posture. There are some vigorous forms of yoga too, that provide abetter workout effect.

  • Warming up is one of the most important parts of any form of workout. This involves standing straight with the feet shoulder-width apart and keeping the hands close to your body on either side; breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then slowly raise the arms over your head and breathe deeply. Exhale as you lower the arms and bend from your back to touch your toes.
  • Building muscles is important to increase the heart rate. Follow the plank position and breathe in and out, counting 8. Repeat the same for some time.
  • Facing down dog pose challenges your upper arms. Come out of plank and directly get into the down-facing dog pose of yoga, breath in and out.
  • From the down-facing dog pose, bring your right leg alone upwards behind your back with toes facing down. Hold, and count 8. Feel the stretch. It is very effective for overall weight loss.
  • The warrior pose is very effective for losing weight. Hold on the pose and count up to 8. From the warrior pose, follow the sit back pose holding it for up to 8 counts.

These yoga poses can be practiced regularly for weight loss. It will take 30 minutes to perform 3 to 5 rotations. Go slow, but be regular.

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