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How 6 tastes influence your mind and emotions?

Even when we express our affection we use words like “Sweetie”, “honey”, “sweet heart” and so on.  This is the significance of sweetness. Sweet taste is often associated with feelings of love, care and compassion. If there is an imbalance of sweet taste or a lack of contentment, and through indulging in sweet foods, sweet taste brings positive memories, thoughts of loved ones and feelings of devotion. Likewise we offer chocolates and candy to our lovers as a token of love and friendship. Basically Sweet taste is the taste of compassion and satisfaction. If the sweetness is over, this brings possessiveness and attachment.

Sour taste is hot and sharp in nature which aids concentration, sharpening the intellect. This taste brings discrimination and stimulation. An imbalance of sour taste can cause feelings of anger, envy, Jealousy, and criticism which may be result of unfulfilled desires. For an example who complains a lot are referred to as a “sour apple” or sour puss”.

Salty taste enhances the flavor of the foods, and it is believed saly taste lifts the spirit and sparks interest in life. It brings confidence and increase the zest of life. Like Sweet, it increases Kapha energy which is related to emotions like possessiveness, greed and attachment.  Indulgence in salty taste promotes temptation, desires, greed and over ambitions.

Pungent taste is associated with the drive and motivation energy.  It brings boldness, vigor,  and vitality. It improves concentration and sharpness of thoughts. Indulgence in this taste can bring anger, violence and hatred.

Bitter taste is the taste opposite of Sweet. It brings hatred and dissatisfaction. This is taste aiding desires in celibacy and promotes introversion and introspection. In excess, it makes a person boring, isolation, loneliness, grief and sorrow.

6 tastes and Emotions

Ayurvedic taste and emotions

Astringent taste is composed of Earth element. Thus it is supporting and grounding which bring together scattered feelings, thoughts and emotions. When this is excess, it brings insecurity, anxiety, depression, absentmindness and fear.

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