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GINGER – Desi Ayurveda

1. Ginger Churna
a. Take ¼ to ½ teaspoon of Ginger.
b. Mix it honey or take with lukewarm milk twice daily.

2. Ginger Capsule
a. Take 1-2 Ginger capsules.
b. Swallow it with lukewarm water or milk twice daily.

3. Ginger Tablet
a. Take 1-2 Ginger tablets.
b. Swallow it with lukewarm water or milk twice daily.

4. Ginger Fresh Root
a. Take 1-2 inch of Ginger root.
b. Use it in cooking or as per your requirement.

5. Ginger Tea
a. Take 2 inches of fresh Ginger.
b. Crush it roughly with pestle and mortar.
c. Now take 2 cups of water and add the crushed Ginger to a pan and bring it to a boil.
d. Boil it for 10-20 minutes so that Ginger can impart more flavor.
e. Remove the Ginger and filter the tea.
f. Squeeze ½ lemon and add honey after making it a little warm from hot.
g. Drink this Ginger tea to enhance your immunity and for managing cold and sore throat.

6. Ginger Gargle
a. Grate a small piece of Ginger.
b. Take 1 tablespoon of this grated Ginger root and add to 1 cup of water.
c. Bring it to boil for 10 minutes.
d. Strain the liquid and add a pinch of salt and black pepper to it.
e. Gargle with this liquid for 4-6 times a day to control a sore throat.

7. Ginger Candy
a. Cut the Ginger root into fine pieces.
b. Dry them by putting in a glass container under the sunlight for atleast 10 days.
c. On 4th day add 1 cup of sugar and salt to this container and let it dry for remaining 7 days.
d. You can eat this Ginger candy at the time of motion sickness or nausea.

8. Ginger Slices
a. Make thin slices of Ginger root with the help of a sharp knife.
b. Roast these Ginger slices till it becomes crispy.
c. Add some salt to these slices.
d. Eat this to manage a dry cough.

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