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From fat to fit – To live fit and healthy is today’s mantra

From fat to fit: To live fit and healthy is today’s mantra. So start working on those extra pounds, the ayurvedic way.

 “A moment on your lips, forever on your hips”- This quote probably passes through every lady who is keen on fitness before she plans to order her favorite pizza, burger, pasta or fries. To top it off, it’s more devastating to see the men hog on and not catch on those extra calories which women could easily get. The obesity typhoon is much higher in the growing girls and in India alone, nearly six crore women above the age of 13 have been found to be overweight, bordering on obesity.

From fat to fit

 What is the reason for this?

The life cycle of a woman is dramatic with the physiological changes she undergoes like menarche, pregnancy and menopause making her vulnerable to body changes and gaining weight in the process would not look abnormal at all, but sadly, it is. Let’s speculate this lifecycle.

• In childhood, over-feeding and ‘no play strategies can cause her to look cute but frankly, plumper than she is expected to be.
• In teenage, when the body is undergoing changes, bad lifestyle, junk foods, lack of physical activity, study stress and menarche hormonal changes can add that extra weight.
• In adulthood, urban work tensions, stressed up yet sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, post-delivery changes, oral-contraceptives, smoking, drinking, late night partying, etc. gives her the couch-potato looks.
• Menopause and its effects too include weight gain issues.

Apart from these, there is unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activities, slow metabolism, side effects of certain medicines, mental disturbances, genetic factors, etc which cannot be excluded.

 What does Ayurveda say about obesity?

Obesity as such, is a condition that can turn to a disease, in which, excess fat has accumulated to the extent that it can have an adverse effect on health and fitness. Ayurveda explains this condition and eight defects inherent in the too corpulent / fat. The obese are deficient in longevity, their sharpness is on stake, movements are sluggish, and indulging in sexual activity becomes strenuous and because of their low energy levels they are weak and lack enthusiasm. Obesity is linked with bad body odour, food cravings, excess thirst and episodes of profuse sweating. If this is the general preview, women have an additional complication of being fat.

 Some of the noticeable problems in women due to obesity include:

1. Menstrual Disorders – When children are overweight especially girls, they are more prone to a condition called ‘precocious puberty’ where body changes happen earlier than normal, and she menstruates at the age of 9 or 10, instead of the normal one at 12 or 14. Obese ladies often suffer from menstrual disorders and find it difficult to conceive. Conditions like” PCOD” (polycystic ovarian disorder), fibroids and endometriosis often have a link to the body being overweight.
2. Pregnancy Complications – During pregnancy apart from the complications of being over-weight, having high glucose levels, fat women have maximum chances of going through a C-Section delivery, Birth defects are common too.
3. Sexual Problem – Obesity sinks sex life and proves to be bad for the bed room. Recent researches and studies have proved that obese women have low libido and are not able to satisfy their partners. Problems like depression which creep out of being fat also hamper the fulfilment of sex life.
4. Social life – They find it difficult to interact comfortably and attend social functions and events. They get insecure feelings regarding their looks.

How does Ayurveda deal with Weight gain problems?

It deals in a holistic way without hindering the natural processes and repairs the body allowing you to reduce the unwanted fat without getting stressed out.

1. Internal medicines are designed in such a way that the metabolism is corrected, the nourishing tissues are repaired, vitiated doshas (constituents) viz., Vata, Pitta and Kapha are corrected, and the Medho-dhatwagni(lipid and fat metabolism) is set right.
2. Detox procedures called ‘Panchakarma’ are conducted to assist the body’s natural self-cleaning system to remove the toxins. By this the body is cleansed and ready for rejuvenation.
3. Specialized treatment procedures to enhance beauty and curb the adiposity in the form of oil massage, paste massage, steam therapies, enema procedures are advocated.
4. Diet is designed to make changes in the insulin and glucose response, making it easier to mobilize stored fat.
5. Energy expenditure regimens are designed to keep you active all day and tone up the body.

Some of the golden rules to curb those extras:

1. Never skip breakfast, instead have a full meal in the late morning hours like a brunch, you will need energy for the day and also have the capacity to break down energy the whole day
2. Ayurveda advises on individuals to loose weight, to have a glass of water before having food.
3. For correction of metabolism, chew few pieces of ginger with rock salt.
4. After meals, walk a 100 step distance.
5. Exercise is an important aspect which has to be religiously followed in the daily regimen.
6. Avoid day-sleep.
7. Avoid nibbling between meals.
8. Avoid watching TV while having food. Instead concentrate on the times the food is chewed before swallowing.
9. Keep the night meal very light. It should be had preferably before sun-set.
10. Before going to bed, drink a decoction of water i.e., reduce 4 parts of water to 1 part by boiling it and sip it like coffee. This is a natural easy detox for the body.

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