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Erotic Articles in different seasons

Various kinds of nutritious and palatable food, sweet, luscious and refreshing liquid cordials, speech that gladdens the ears and touch that seems delicious to the skin, clear nights mellowed by the beams of the full moon and damsels young, beautiful and gay, dulcet songs that charm the soul and captivate the mind, use of betel-leaves, wine and wreaths of flowers and a merry, careless heart; these are the best aphrodisiacs in life. Ayurveda has described the dirreent erotics things that are different according to the seasons. Some examples are as follows

Summer Season : Big ponds having lotus flowers, surrounded by intoxicated black bees, fragrance of jaati (jasmine) and utpala (water lily) and underground rooms which are cold.

Rainy Season : Rivers with waves of foam, mountains with blue peaks and the onset of black clouds.

Autumn Season: Rise of beautiful moon at night, wind that is pleasant to touch and which has the smell of the pond full of water lilies.

Spring : Pleasing companions, cooling sound of the cuckoo bird, flowers in the parks and forests, pleasing diet and drinks, sound of the music, mind which is broad and free from afflications, accomplishment of the objective, freshly initiated love affair and women these are the weapons of cupid (the God of sex).

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