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Dreams and your body type

Everybody likes to dream. But we cannot dream in open eyes and without sleeping. Dreams is the state of unconscious state of mind. Dreams connect us not only with psychic life, but with physiological events in the body. Do you know, we can understand our body by studying our dreams?

Ayurveda i.e Science of life, explains about dreams as the evidence of the strong connection between the body and the mind. Also Ayurveda states that dreams contains strong indications about the underlying causes of disease or imbalances. Also it is believed, dreams are the story of unfulfilled wishes. Whatever you keep on thinking and think before going to bed will appear in your dream story. Thus by studying the dreams on can understand the inborn energy of a person. According to Ayurveda, imbalances are due to imbalance in the mind. It is not surprising that Ayurveda categorizes dreams into Vata, Pitta and Kapha types. In the eyes of Ayurveda, every individual in this universe are different by energy and it makes them indifferent in all the aspects of their life including the dreams.dream_ayurveda

Vata Dreams

If you are a Vata person, your dreams is characterized by activity and movement. In scientific terms, Vata dreams include strong vestibular and motor activation. Some of the examples of Vata dreams are Falling, being attacked, being pursued, doing something, sex, frozen with fright, death of loved one, being locked up, flying, snakes, autumn, fulfillment etc.

Pitta Dreams

If you are a Pitta Person, your dreams is characterized by intensity and focus. This can include the intensity of intellectual activity, manifesting as dreams about problem solving, Schooling, teaching, studying, sex, arriving too late, eating, fire, failing an examination, killing someone, being inappropriately dressed, being nude in public, summer, problem solving etc.

Kapha Dreams

If you are a Kapha Person, your dreams include emotions such as love (e.g. romantic dreams), satisfaction of desires, Swimming, finding money, eating candy, sex, doing the same thing again and again slowly, arriving too late, seeing self as dead, snow, spring,, winter, satisfy unconscious needs etc.

Note: Dreams are the manifestation of inborn dominant energy. But dreams may varies in person and age groups and situation. Only dreams cannot justify the confirmatory body type or imbalance of a person. Only an experienced Ayurveda practitioner can determine your state of energy.

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