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Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100 | British Beauty Blogger

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I can’t think of a more appropriate collaboration than this – CT is all about the magic and so is Disney although just a quick reminder than Charlotte’s first collaboration was with photographer Norman Parkinson so that tells you a lot about how the brand has changed.

Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100

Actually, I think it’s sweet – Tinkerbell is never not lovely so it’s the right character, but the collection is small with the nicest thing being the make up bag (which I don’t have).

Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100

If you’re a Disney fan and a Charlotte fan then this is the most of both. It’s £38 HERE. There’s also a collectable pin that’s very sweet as well.

Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100

It’s a pity that there aren’t more special products created for this collaboration – I’d probably get excited about a Tinkerbell lipstick – rather than a Disneyfication of existing products but the Magic Cream lid is quite special and it’s refillable. It’s £79 HERE – just about to explore my own site to see how much Magic Cream started at because I feel surprised that it’s so much. Having looked, it’s no more expensive than a regular 50ml which is £79 and looking back to 2013, I can see the same was £70 so it hasn’t really increased too much in a decade. I like this cream – it’s a thoroughly decent moisturiser and I’d probably prefer to have Tinkerbell on it than not :-). There is a Beauty Light Wand in Pink which is presented as a special colour for the collaboration (see below).

Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100

I’m a bit meh about the Beauty Wands – some stars maybe, at least? Once they’re out of the box, they don’t quite feel special enough to me. But again, I’d rather have Tinkerbell than not!

Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100

A little reminder of the beauty wands because they are lovely products that give a beautiful sheen to the skin for a lustred effect. I know there have been many copies of this particular product but I’ll keep my faith in the original for this instance. Bottom to top: Spotlight, Disney Pink (just called Pink on the label) and Gold. They’re £30 HERE. What do you think – is the Charlotte Tilbury x Disney100 collection Disney enough? If I’m honest, I don’t think it is – I’d love to have seen a special palette with Tinkerbell embossing or a cheeky Tinkerbell on the mirror when you open it up. Maybe that’s to come – I’m not sure. I like Charlotte Tilbury products in general – I can get very geeky about my favourite ever CT product, the Hyaluronic Happykiss balm in Crystal Kiss which I am currently scraping my very last bits from a tiny pot into which I scraped the last remnants of three Happykiss sticks!  It’s HERE for £27 – overpriced but utterly lovely and I can’t resist it.

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