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CHANEL Couleur Codes Review | British Beauty Blogger

[unpaid/sample] Okay, are we ready? Two things happened yesterday (I’m excluding the trip to the emergency vet because I don’t want to be a dog bore – all is fine) that are CHANEL related. First, Mr BBB gave me a beautiful Chanel necklace that I’d been looking at on an auction site – he’d sneaked off to Chiswick to get it – and then CHANEL Couleur Codes arrived by courier. Honestly, I am so pleased to have both – it was an unheard of double-Chanel day and while I’m usually very much of the opinion that samples are the tools of my job and not ‘gifts’, I am delighted with this brush set.

CHANEL Couleur Codes

When the items launch on 1st of July, they’ll do so in nine colours. I have Premiere here, but I think the one to sell your kids for will be Rouge Noir. The Brush Set contains a blush brush, a foundation brush (or powder – just as you like) and a dual ended, retractable eyeshadow brush.

CHANEL Couleur Codes

Each brush has its own internal pocket so they don’t rattle about and they’re made from synthetic fibres. Honestly, this is just delicious.

CHANEL Couleur Codes

Bearing in mind that we are in the realms of luxury, I was expecting the set to be more that the £144 that it is. A special birthday or occasion and it may fit the bill, price-wise.

CHANEL Couleur Codes

Next up, the Compact Mirror and the glass Nail File. I already have one of these glass files and you only need to whisper it over your nail for everything to be ship-shape. It’s just nothing like the sawing you end up doing with that old emery board that has long since lost its power.

CHANEL Couleur Codes

Both come in velvet pouches that, if I were to be picky, aren’t sumptuous enough for the products they contain. The theory around CHANEL Couleur Codes is that there is so much more to colour than we realise day to day. A good way to explain this is their interpretation of beige as ‘beige is not a ‘nude’, not an absence but an affirmation, natural is a style’. That suits me nicely because I like beige!

CHANEL Couleur Codes

The colours? Read on.. Immortelle (lilac), Ballerina (light pink), Ovni (a neon-ish yellow), Incendiare (red orange), Premier (also red orange but fractionally brighter), Diva (bright pink), Rouge Noir (needs no explanation), Cavalier Seul (sage green) and Fugueuse (a deep blue).

CHANEL Couleur Codes

Absolute vanity shot here (taken in the very kindly Portrait mode!) showing the necklace and the mirror. I’ll flag again once everything launches – I think they’ll go in a flash. Oh, I forgot to say, the nail file is £30 and the mirror is £40.

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