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Sex and Ayurveda

Don’ts for Maintaining sex vigour

Happy Sexual life                Everyone want to increase sexual vigour and potency. Without the stamina the longer duration of sexual life is not possible.  Stamina is important part of sex for happy married life. These...

Diets good for sexual organs

Diet for sexual organ Diet plays the important part of our life. For the healthy living diet reflects the health condition of an individual. Including body buildup whatever we eat is the cause of body physiology. Ayurveda advocates the...

Effects of Rasayana and Vajikarana drugs on Immunity

Rasayana therapy  Ayurveda does not merely believe in adding the number of years to  life but it advocate adding quality of life to each year. This may be one of the reasons that the first...

Male infertility and trace elements

Male infertility Infertility has become complex problem of this time with multiple causes and consequences of gender, sexual history, lifestyle and cultural background of people. 8-12 % of the world are affected with this problem....

Recipes for Virilification therapy – Ayurveda Blog

Virilification Therapy Man who is seeking pleasure should resort to Vajikarana (Virilification) therapy constantly. It bestows contentment, nourishment, children of good qualities, continuity of progeny and great happiness immediately. That (medicine or therapy) by which the man becomes capable...

Food and Emotinal moods – Ayurveda Blog

Food and sexual mood Food satisfies us at different levels, one of which is emotional need. There is plenty that can happen over a romantic stimulating seducing and relaxing dinner. From inflaming passion to the blessing of love paving...

5 Common Fears About Sex

Sex is always not enjoyable for some people. The reason behind this can be different issues that one feels. There are some fears that staying with a person all the time and avoiding sex or doing it for...

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