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ADOOSA – Desi Ayurveda

What are the synonyms of Adoosa? Adhatoda zeylanica, Titabahak, Bahak, Vachaka, Bakas, Basak, Vasaka, Malabar Nut tree , Aradusi, Araduso, Arusa, Aduss, Adusoye, Adalodakam, Adarooshaka, Adulsa, Vasa, Vasanga, Basanga, Vishuti, Bhekar, Vansa, Adatodai, Adda, Saramu, Adusa. Source link

AGARU – Desi Ayurveda

Agaru is an effective herb for managing cough and cold. Agaru controls cough, releases mucus, clears air passages, thus allowing the patient to breathe freely. This is due to its Kapha balancing property.Tips:a. Take 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Agaru powder.b....

AJWAIN – Desi Ayurveda

1.Ajwain Watera. Take 1 teaspoon of Ajwain seeds.b. Add it to 1 glass of warm water.c. Let it stand overnight.d. Drink this water whenever required for its potent antispasmodic action.e. This is the highly used traditional remedy for stomachache.2....

AKARKARA – Desi Ayurveda

Akarkara or Akallaka is a perennial herb that grows in the Himalayan region. The roots of this plant are slightly aromatic and have...

ALMOND – Desi Ayurveda

Almond, also known as the “King of Nuts”, is a highly nutritious food and is available in two varieties- sweet and bitter. Sweet almonds are thin-skinned and are the preferred choice for consumption over bitter almonds. Bitter almonds contain...

ALOE VERA – Desi Ayurveda

Aloe barbadensis Mill., Ghritkumari, Gheekumari, Khorpad, Gheekwar, Musabhar, Machambar, Ghritakalmi, Indian Aloe, Eliyo, Eariyo, Musabhar, Elva, Karibola, Lolesara satva, Lovalsara, Lolesara, Musabbar, Siber, Chenninayakam, Korphad, Musabara, Kalasohaga, Mussabar, Alua, Kattazhi, Satthukkathazhai, Musambaram, Musabbar, Ailiva, Siber. Source link

AMLA – Desi Ayurveda

1. Amla raw fruita. Take 2-3 pieces of raw Amla fruit.b. Sprinkle a pinch of salt to taste.c. Have it before meals to...

ALUM – Desi Ayurveda

1. Bleeding cutsAlum is useful in minor bleeding cuts in any part of the body. Alum helps to control bleeding and accelerates the...

ALSI – Desi Ayurveda

1. Alsi (Flaxseed) Powdera. Take ½-1 teaspoon Alsi seed powderb. Add 1 glass of warm waterc. Have it after lunch and dinner2. Alsi (Flaxseed) oil capsulea. Take 1-2 Alsi (Flaxseed) oil capsule.b. Swallow with water after taking food.3. Alsi...

AVOCADO – Desi Ayurveda

1. Avocado toast for breakfasta. Add Avocado in your breakfast with a slice of toasted brown bread.b. Mash an Avocado and put your...

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