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ShiroVasthi (Special treatment for head)

Shirovasti is a procedure in which the medicated oil is allowed to stay over the head for the prescribed time. It is one among the moordhataila (application of oil on th head). It is beneficial to do Shirovasti after...

Kshar Sutra – Surgery in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the ancient medicine has remedy for almost all kinds of diseases and disorders. Following Ayurvedic medicine not just helps to relieve from health ailments but also enables us to maintain good health with no traces of diseases. Even in...

Ayurveda for De-addiction therapy – Ayurveda Blog

Of late, you would see many advertisements, programs and news about de-addiction therapy and medications. Addiction is something very alarming to the life. The life not just limited to the life of the individual who is addicted, rather it...

Karnapoorana (Effective Ear therapy) – Ayurveda Blog

Ayurveda has a number of therapies for building health and wellness. Each therapy targets specific parts for complete healing and optimal functions of the part and associated functions thereof. In such context,  Karna Poorana is a specific therapy aimed...

Ayurvedic Treatments and Physical Imbalances in the Tradition of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda, the holistic science and art of living follows the unique approach in treating the health conditions. There is a comprehensive integration of mind, body and spirit that regulates the health. The loss of balance in the integration leads...

How honey helps for herpes?

Honey is the oldest ever known sweetener. Also Honey was the only conventional therapy for various infections until 20th century before the discovery of Penicillin. Honey is the medicine in all kinds of medicinal system and every culture explains....

10 Ways to Boost Immunity Naturally

How to boost immunity? You may not know how strong your immune system is. Your immune system is more powerful and extremely protective than you really imagine. The immune system protects you almost every second from threats, infections and...

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