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Benefits of foreplay: Tips to improve sex life

Imagine a situation where you begin and finish physical intimacy with penetrative sex each time! We may not acknowledge it often, but the kisses, cuddles and nibbles set a perfect prelude for the satisfying final act of sex. If there is lack of foreplay, there will be lack of sexual arousal, leading to lack of lubrication for women, ultimately making sex painful instead of pleasurable.

Health Shots reached out to Dr Sanjay Kumawat, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai to know about foreplay and its benefits for a healthy sex life.

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What is foreplay?

The intimate and playful action between partners right before the penetrative intercourse is foreplay. It is the slower and affectionate sexual act that arouses sexual desire and takes some time to gather up the momentum in the act of sexual activity, explains Dr Kumawat.

Benefits of foreplay

Many see sex as a good workout as it increases the heart rate, and many consider it just as an act to procreate. But it is much more than that. Having sex can be great for your health, but you’ve got to give some to time to foreplay too. Here are some of the benefits of foreplay:

1. Foreplay sets the mood

All the touching and making out between the couple creates the right ambience. It ultimately helps both the partners to have a great sexual satisfaction.

2. Foreplay builds an emotional connection with partner

If you engage in foreplay, it can help to build a deeper emotional connection with your partner. So, it is not just about connecting on a physical level.

3. Foreplay makes sex pleasurable

The entire process of sex with your partner can be pleasurable and pleasing if you engage in foreplay. It builds up sexual arousal and increases blood flow to sexual organs.

4. Foreplay makes sex less painful

Want to avoid painful sex? Don’t skip foreplay which can help to lubricate the vagina, says the expert.

5. Foreplay reduces stress

You mind be into many stress-relieving activities. All you need to do is encourage your partner to engage in foreplay. That’s because it helps in releasing feel-good hormones and so, reduces stress, says Dr Kumawat.

Foreplay has many benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Foreplay tips to spice up your sex life

Not many people like to talk about foreplay. The taboo and stigma around the actual sexual act and the lack of knowledge about the difference in men and women’s sexual arousal is the root cause of avoidance of speaking about foreplay, says the expert. Also, people talk less about it due to guilty feelings about anticipating a negative response from their partner about the preparatory act of sex.

It’s all about focusing on the actual game and acknowledging the feelings of your partner. Just remember that foreplay should be done with a lot of patience. You can have a gentle and loving chat with your partner. A bath by yourself or with your partner is a perfect start. A low beam of light or candlelight, a soothing aroma and body perfume will help further. Simple acts like caressing and undressing your partner will spice up the act. Your partner can give you a gentle kiss on your lips, neck and chest to help to charge you up. The warmth of touch and breathing will give you a secure feeling. If you want, instead of going to a spa, you can ask your partner to give you an oil massage. That’s foreplay too!

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