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Ayurvedic Medicine Vs Modern Medicine

We live in the era of technology, yet in the recent past, we are basing our lifestyle on the traditions and practices of our ancestors. Very lately, many of us realized the impact of unhealthy lifestyle. Thankfully, more than half of the world population resorts to get the most of natural bliss in all aspects of life.

Modern medicine grown extensively to an unimaginable extent with the grasp of technological innovations, yet there remains a controversy. Equivalent to the growth of modern medicine and hi-tech advanced treatments for a number of health ailments, disgustingly, there is no complete cure for innumerable diseases.

We cannot really enjoy the advancements in the medications because the number of diseases and health conditions analogously increased. For instance, diabetes. No more than 1 in a 1000 was diagnosed with diabetes until a few decades. Now, around 3 – 4 in 10 people suffer from diabetes. Also, more than 5 in 10 suspect the risk of developing of diabetes in a short time.

Ayurveda, an authentic medication practiced and preached for several centuries’ loss its sheen owing to the development of modern medicine. Yet, gradually, people realized the importance of Ayurveda and resort back to the same.

Now, the controversy, rather confusion arises between Ayurvedic medicine Vs modern medicine. What to choose, should you go and choose the modern medicine or ayurvedic medicine?

Let us get an insight on Ayurvedic medicine Vs Modern medicine

What is Ayurvedic Medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medication with a longer history in India has been practiced for more than 5000 years. Even during the vedic period, the traces of ayurveda has been mentioned.

Ayurvedic medicine is all about maintenance of balance in the body. It teaches how to live by balancing the body and mind. It is in fact more than a form of medicine. It is not merely about treating the diseases. Ayurveda is a way of life.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, loss of the balance, both in terms of physical and emotional quotient, causes disease. It heals and re-energizes the life physically, psychologically and spiritually.

What is Modern Medicine?

Modern medicine, otherwise termed as Allopathy, a Greek term, literally means ‘suffering’. The concept of modern medications and medicines are based on mechanism of the body. Modern medicine does not differentiate the body and mind separately. The suffering of the mind is considered the suffering of the body. In fact, everything is considered a physical object. The medications are measured by mechanisms. The treatment often consists of prescribing inorganic substances, chemicals combined with passive equivocal treatments like surgery. Unfortunately, there are many aspects that cannot be measured by the medical equipments. Although modern medicines proven to nurture ornately, as mentioned earlier, the complete cure is not possible.

How diseases are approached ?

Ayurvedic principles connect with five elements of the universe, namely, land, water, air, fire and earth. Each body is composed of these five elements. Combination of these elements constitutes the characteristics of an individual. The five elements are categorized under three groups, Vata, Pitta and Kapa, called doshas. Imbalance in the doshas causes diseases. For instance, combination of fire and water makes pitta dosha. Increase or decrease in any of these two elements in the body interrupts natural functions.  Any treatment or remedy to any kind of health ailment is provided to balance the doshas, to get complete cure from the disease.

Ayurvedic medicine is a plant based medicine combined with regaining the energy levels naturally.

Ayurveda approaches any disease to cure it from the root cause, not merely suppressing the symptoms. It focuses on internal healing, rather than treating the disease. It helps the body reconnects with mind and intelligence. Removal of root cause of any disease obviously cures the disease completely.

To the contrary, modern medicine approach is quite different. It focuses on treating the symptoms and effects of the disease, not the disease actually. For instance, if you are infected by flu, an antibiotic will be prescribed. Similarly, if you suffer from acne or rashes in the skin, topical medications are prescribed, which gives remedy externally.

Many inorganic medicines accompany harmful side effects along with remedies. For instance, antibiotics. Regular intake of antibiotics damages the immune system of the body.

Conclusion Ayurvedic medicine Vs Modern medicine

Both Ayurvedic medicine and modern medicine has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Modern medicine outsmarts the Ayurvedic medicine in a few aspects. The remedy from any disease is relatively quicker. Many dangerous health conditions which need immediate medication can benefit from modern medicine. Unfortunately, modern medicines do not provide a complete cure, which is provided by Ayurveda.

It doesn’t mean that Ayurvedic medicine is the safest medication. It needs a proper approach with professional recommendation.

When compared with quick recovery from any disease with modern medicine, Ayurveda works slowly, but the results are long term, more effective and permanent. Many lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, thyroidism, PCOS, etc which have no solution in Modern medicine can be cured effectively with Ayurvedic approach.

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