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AVOCADO – Desi Ayurveda

1. Avocado toast for breakfast
a. Add Avocado in your breakfast with a slice of toasted brown bread.
b. Mash an Avocado and put your favorite seasoning vegetables to it.
c. Spread it evenly on a slice of toasted brown bread.
d. Enjoy your delicious breakfast and get health benefits of Avocado.

2. Avocado creamy salad dressing
a. Avocado can be used to make your salad delicious and creamy.
b. For creamy salad dressing, mix all ingredients (garlic, yoghurt, lemon juice, olive oil) with vinegar.
c. Put them in a blender and add chopped Avocado.
d. Blend until it turns creamy.
e. Have it with salad in your daily meals to get benefits of Avocado.

3. Avocado oil with massage oil
a. Take a few drop (or as per your requirement) of Avocado oil.
b. Mix it with your body massage oil or Olive oil.
c. Apply or massage it on the affected area once a day to get rid of the symptoms of skin and hair problems.

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