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Aromatherapy Associates New Skin Care Review

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to get around to reviewing Aromatherapy Associates new skin care. I can’t even use Dora as an excuse because I had it long before she arrived. Speaking of Dora, I’m going to take some time off over the next few weeks so posts may be sporadic. I’m exhausted to be honest – we are definitely getting there but while she is super quick on some aspects of training, house training is proving to be a sticking point so I just need to get that sorted out and more of a routine going so I’m taking the pressure off myself and leaning into it. It’s summer so there is less new product around anyway. I’ve always thought with AA that maybe they should focus on the things they do best, i.e. essential oils, rather than re-inventing the wheel with skincare but I’ve been impressed with the products I’ve tried so far.

Aromatherapy Associates New Skin Care Review

I’ll start with the item I’m least impressed with which is the Hydration Boost Mist. It’s a combination of rose water, niacinamide, hyaluronic and amino acids and while it’s pleasant, of course, I don’t see it as a necessity. It’s actually a little bit too ‘drenchy’ – I expected a fine mist but got quite a wet face! I can’t quite see what it’s bringing to the party and I see several brands thinking a mist is an easy win and I think that’s it – it feels like it was too easy and a very basic product. It’s on offer HERE with £10 off making it £25.

Aromatherapy Associates New Skin Care Review

Not so the Pro Barrier Face Oil which is the closest thing you’ll get to a spa facial experience without actually going to one. The aroma is utterly lovely – I’m getting those slightly addictive Deep Relax vibes from it – and it’s a brilliant replenisher. Key ingredients are Moringa, Blue Tansy, Rosehip and Rice Germ oil. I’d use this last thing at night and fall into the blissful sleep you deserve. My slight reservation is the descriptions – ‘bioactive complex’ and ‘skin stress relief technology’ don’t mean anything really to your average shopper (including me) so I’d prefer a more down to earth description. Nonetheless, it’s a while since I’ve enjoyed a face oil as much as this one. It’s £65 HERE but they’re selling samplers for £3 which is a great idea HERE. The Hydra Plump Gel Cream is fresh and light on the skin with a sharper fragrance (although the web site description has it the same as the oil which it isn’t). Ingredients include Alpine Rose, Spanish Bugloss, which I have never heard of before but love the sound of – it’s from the borage family), Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. I got what I needed from this – more supple skin that felt soft and hydrated. Longer term use is needed to see the brightening effects. It’s £55 which feels like too much HERE.

Aromatherapy Associates New Skin Care Review

Finally, the Nourishing Cleansing Balm. It’s interesting how balms can vary so much in texture – I am seeing a lot more of this type of very soft, lightweight balm. If I compared it my beloved Emma Hardie, it’s definitely less dense in the jar with an oil like feel on the skin – more slip than pull – rather than the balms perhaps many of are used to. I’m tomato/tomato on this – if it does the job, which it absolutely does, I’m perfectly happy but I find a denser version more reassuring somehow.

Aromatherapy Associates New Skin Care Review

It is, without doubt, a wonderfully effective and pleasant balm to use. A sharper smell, like the Hydra Plump and the mist, but still a joy to use. Ingredients of note are Blue Tansy, Raspberry Seed Oil and Squalane. My skin was cleansed and softened – give it a good massage around to get the full benefits. It’s £48 HERE.

I should mention, finally, that it’s sale time – there is 20% off all the Essential Oils which I’d grab with both hands if you’re in need of some Deep Relax HERE. The other great buy is the Luxury Candle Set at half price – £75 instead of £150 HERE. I loved mine and burned all of them. The good thing is that they all come separately boxed so you can split it for gifts if you wish.


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