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8 Surprising Benefits Of Kerala Ayurvedic Oil Massage

In Ayurveda, great importance is given to ayurvedic massage, and its daily practice is recommended. It is advisable to be done daily in the same way we eat, bath, and sleep daily. It should be done daily so that the elimination of waste materials is removed from our bodies.
8 Surprising Benefits of Kerala Ayurvedic Massage Oil
According to Ayurveda, the pains are caused by an obstruction of the flow of air (Vayu) through the vessels (siras), which transports it. When the body is rubbed or massaged the heat is generated, this causes the air of the body to expand and move.

The circulation of Vayu through the siras relieves tensions and reduces pain. Besides this, it also provides a deeper and more natural breathing pattern.

1. It eliminate aging (Jarahar)

In Ayurveda, the massage is described as jarahar, a process that eliminates aging. It so as massage nourishes the 7 components (dhatus) of the human body:

  • Fluids, hormone, lymph (Rasa)
  • Blood (Rakta)
  • Meat, muscles, skin (Mansa)
  • Fat (Medha)
  • Bones and teeth (Asthi)
  • Marrow (Majja)
  • Semen (Shukra)

By rubbing, compressing and pressing the musculature and manipulating the pressure points, the circulation of blood, lymph, and hormones get intensifies. This, in turn, strengthens the nervous system, immune systems, and delay the aging process.

2. It eliminates fatigue (Shramhar)

It fatigues caused due to a mental effort; the ideal way is to apply oil on ahead to remove the heat from the head, in this a Shiro-Abayanga massage with an aromatic, sandalwood oil is recommended.

If the fatigue is produced by a physical effort of the muscles, one of the best ways is to submerge it in warm salt water, then massage with a compression movement.

For the shoulders and the waist, a towel should be soaked with salty hot water and apply. Compressing, rubbing and gently tapping of the muscles eliminates fatigue.

After treatment with water, the oil should be applied until relief is felt. To eliminate the fatigue caused due to an accumulation of toxins, a heat-generating oil is used, it stimulates the sweat glands of the body and free body from the accumulated toxins through perspiration.

3. It removes excess air (Vatahar)

According to Ayurveda an increase of the dose of air (vata) in your body can cause pain in the muscles and joints. There are many reasons for the increase of excess air (Vatahar) in a body.

It can be caused due to emotion’s feelings, excesses in the diet, the constant effort of the nervous system, anxiety, sexual indulgence after having eaten, eating foods that they have been stored more than eight hours after cooking.

Moreover sleeping during the day, absence of hunger, fasting, voluntary repression of any urgency felt by the body, cracking of the joints, sexual intercourse during menstruation, oral sex, nervousness, talking in excess, excessive use of spicy foods, astringents or extreme feints are also responsible.

Rheumatism and sciatica are the two most common diseases that are caused by a Vata disturbance. The place of Vata diseases is the large intestine. Colon therapy or purification with water and abhyanga massage oil is the only solution.

4. It improves sight (Drishti Prasadkar)

According to Ayurveda, massage can improve eyesight. The primary energy of the eyes derives from the fire element. Massage over the area of the navel in a clockwise direction with coconut or sesame oil (according to the constitution).

It is also necessary to massage the feet, especially between the big toe and the finger next to it, before bedtime to improve eyesight. The Shiro- abhyanga massage oil received regularly is extremely beneficial.

The tears produced by the application of Surma, kajal, ghee, honey or onion juices can purify eyes; it rejuvenates and boosts the health of the eyes. The practice of tratak (staring at a flame until your eye’s water) is also a healthy exercise for the eyes.

5. It strengthens the body (Pushikar)

Massaging on the body with massage oil and pressing it, with or without oil, increases circulation and movement of vital fluids, it stimulates the circulation of pranic energy.

By pressing and kneading the muscles the toxins that have accumulated in a body are driven to leave the body, instead the cells fill with nutrient material and prana. Through massage, the body and immune system become strong and resistance, vitality and virility increase.

6. It increases longevity (Ayuskar)

Performing massage creates an electrochemical balance in the body. It strengthened the immunity system; the toxins are eliminated, and the longevity increases naturally.

An increase in acidity reduces the duration of life; therefore, the chemistry of our blood must be more alkaline than acidic. Anxiety and stress wear down the system and increase its acidity.

By balancing the three doshas we can increase the duration of our life. The use of oils prepared from herbs and spices increases the vital force of the body since they are absorbed by the skin.

It protects the body from dehydration and helps to retain the necessary amount of moisture on the surface. Through massage, it is possible to maintain an electromagnetic balance that results in a healthy and prolonged life.

7. It induces sleep and dreams (Swapnakar)

Massage in general, particularly Shiro-Abhyanga massage, is very effective in inducing sleep. Reflexology can calm a restless mind. People who suffer from insomnia or disturbances in sleep should receive a massage before bedtime.[2]

8. It strengthens the skin (Twakdridhkar)

The regular application of oil strengthens the skin and eliminates dryness; the first sign of air (vata) disturbed the body. Individuals whose Prakriti is vata have dry and rough skin; for them, massage is essential. For pitta or Kapha, have naturally oily skin, for the massage is the only solution when there is a disturbance of the air and dry skin.[1]

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