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11 Reasons to choose Yoga than other exercise

Yoga is the ancient science of life management. This is a time tested system having the longest history of more than 5000 years originating in Himalayas. Yoga is the complete package of balancing our life with the universal forces around us. This science teaches us to unite our body with the universal body, soul with the supreme soul, balance our mind and body, to be consciousness from unconsciousness and many more. The 8 limbs of Yoga coined my Saint Panjali is the bright highway to reach the goal of life. Most of the people understand Yoga as the sliming or beauty therapy. But Yoga is more than that or it is the art of living.  How Yoga is special than other regular exercise ? let me share you some important points to remember.

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset

Yoga in daily life

  1. Yoga is the complete exercise of all the 4 component s of Life i.e Body, mind, senses and Soul at the same time. Other exercises are more focus on body and only body.
  2. Yoga is the lifestyle and art of living. Discipline of time is followed. Other exercise has no rules to follow about food and lifestyles.
  3. Sitting, Lying, and standing postures are present. Mostly standing type of exercises is performed.
  4. Yoga makes your Body flexible and adaptable. Body becomes tough and rugged doing other exercise.
  5. Breathing is the part of Yoga practice. During Yoga, breathing becomes slow and deep. Yoga teaches to breath correctly long, deep and via nose. Other exercises cause the breathing rapid and shallow.
  6. There is no age restriction for Yoga. Everybody can perform Yoga. There are age restrictions for other sports and exercises.
  7. Yoga is a part of holistic and spiritual practice. Other exercise has nothing about soul/spirit.
  8. Yoga is mainly for the internal beauty and strengthening of nerves. Other exercise is for external beauty like building of muscular body.
  9. Yoga teaches you to know yourself from inside. That makes you conscious and aware in relation to the universe. There is no such teaching and relation with other sports. They are competitive and body building motive.
  10. Yoga never makes you tired. More you do, you gain energy and feel balanced. Most of the sports or exercise makes you tired and anxious.
  11. Yoga is for prevention, promotion and cure too. Other exercises are more for prevention and need a special precaution during illness

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